MTK Ralink WiFi AP Router Module with low temperature less than 50 Celsuis degree

AsiaRF have launched WiFi AP Router Module with MTK Ralink IC in low temperature. Most of Router with high temperature like full speed running is 70 Celsuis degree. AsiaRF’s AWM002 full speed temperature is lessthan 60 Clesuis degree. The applications of the module are IP Camera, 3G station, Storage system, Smart TV, IPTV, STB, Media Player, Femto, XDSL, Cable Modem, Industrial PC, Ethernet Switch, Printer Server, Connected TV, Smart Phone and Portable CPE For WiMAX/LTE also for home automation.

AWAPN2403 with RT3052 is no more than 53 Celsuis degree.

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AsiaRF Marketing team

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