AWM003 and AP2620 Pre-Order start

From July 1 to July 31 Pre-Order Start for AWM003 and AP2620

Thank you for your contribution in Indigogo!

We have AWM003 is higher memory version for AWM002.
Many are asking and also the SPI version.
Below are the prices.

AWM002-SPI 15USD/pcs for SPI version less than 10 pcs.

AWM003 20USD/pcs for ordering less than 10 pcs.

AP2620 55USD/pcs for ordering less than 10 pcs

You can pay by PayPal (our account is add on the shipping fee.
Normal shipping is 10 days to 20 days by surface parcel shipping 5USD only.
If you like to be faster, we can ship by EMS and kindly send us ( your full address and telephone numbers, and we will give you a quote. Or you can check with link below.

Kindly add on 10% for total due to the exchange rate for PayPal is different with normal bank.

Thank you all and wish you like our products to develop more new devices and enjoy it!

3 thoughts on “AWM003 and AP2620 Pre-Order start

  1. Hi,

    1) Are the LAN ports on AP2620 Gigabit or 10/100?
    2) How much does a flash memory of 64 MB for the same board cost?
    3) Can I use openwrt breaking barrier build?

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