MTK Ralink WiFi AP Router Module with low temperature less than 50 Celsuis degree

AsiaRF have launched WiFi AP Router Module with MTK Ralink IC in low temperature. Most of Router with high temperature like full speed running is 70 Celsuis degree. AsiaRF’s AWM002 full speed temperature is lessthan 60 Clesuis degree. The applications of the module are IP Camera, 3G station, Storage system, Smart TV, IPTV, STB, Media Player, Femto, XDSL, Cable Modem, Industrial PC, Ethernet Switch, Printer Server, Connected TV, Smart Phone and Portable CPE For WiMAX/LTE also for home automation.

AWAPN2403 with RT3052 is no more than 53 Celsuis degree.

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Smallest Tiny Ralink 802.11n AP Router Module Board AWM002Portable Pocket 11n/g/b 200mW/500mW 300Mbps WiFi IP Camera AP Router AWAPN2403

The Revolution of WiFi IP Camera, 300Mbps and WiFi Repeater (WiFi Router) embedded! Extend many times of Distance and linked all IP Cameras together!

2012,  April 20. Taipei, Taiwan

The Revolution of WiFi IP Camera, Throughput 300Mbps and WiFi Repeater (WiFi Router) embedded! Extend many times of Distance and linked all IP Cameras together!

The WiFi IP Camera we saw today all were 150Mbps with PTZ function.

The revolution of IP Camera is coming. 300Mbps and WiFi Repeater embedded! You can see the WiFi IP Camera by your smart phone like Android phone and iPhone, iPAD, laptop and to link to internet in the same time.

When your devices linked with our IP camera, you can use any browser to see the image right away. No need the IP Camera software.

The default output is streaming, you can see the video by all IP camera software or surveillance software also.

The most important is the retail price is less than 99USD/pcs. Mass purchase price is less than 78USD/pcs and even lower. There are a lot of margin imagination inside!

The Revolution??? IT IS!

WiFi IP Camera and WiFi Repeater all in One!

Taipei, Taiwana

WiFi IP Camera and WiFi Repeater all in One!

What is the different of WiFi Direct IP camera and WiFi IP camera?

How to extend the WiFi distance with WiFi repeater?

Only WiFi Repeater? Can be WiFi IP camera in the same time?

Above questions are weird in some people’s mind.

No need another device to do? Really all in one?

AWAPN2403 with web camera is the device all in one.

iPhone, iPAD, Android, and any smart phone with WiFi direct slinking to access AWAPN2403, can monitor the camera in the same time with voice. Amazing right?

Most of baby monitors need two devices, one is recording camera and speaker with WiFi linking, the other is a device with screen to watch. Now you can monitor by your smart mobile phone.

The easiest way, plug and play! You can merge with your existed WiFi network by setting AP Client mode in AWAPN2403 by linked with main WiFi router. In the mean time, it is a WiFi Repeater, extend the WiFi linking area. Small RF output power and cost effective solution you can choose. Why not?

There is another simulated environment: you live alone, install AWAPN2403 with web camera in your home gate to look at inside. Before you get in, use your smart mobile phone to access the AWAPN2403 and can see inside of your home. If something wrong (like thief inside), you can avoid the accident right away.

If you have a pet in home along, you also can install this one with web camera to monitor it by internet when you are outside, in office or somewhere else by 3G linking. Only smart phone, you can see right away!

If you have more applications, welcome to post here or email to

Direct WiFi IP Camera, Router Embedded!!!

WiFi Router with Camera?

IP Camera WiFi Server?

NAS with our WiFi Router?

All in one?  How to do?  What is it?

Yes, it is all in one!

AsiaRF WiFi router camera break to the current technology to down the IP Camera cost and traditional complicate installing useless IP Camera. Had you the experience to install IP camera with difficulty settings? Try our WiFi Router Camera; you will feel the convenient you never have. 1, 2, 3 and done!

View anywhere, from your iPhone, iPAD, Android Phone, Android PAD, notebook, PC can view your baby, your home and what you want to see.

Traditional WIFI does not allow you to go online and viewing the camera at the same time. AsiaRF WiFi Router Camera can seamlessly plug into your current WiFi environment.  User does not need to alternate the current WiFi environment nor does not prevent you to go online.  It can be as simple as adding a device to your network

The same time online with internet and seeing the video from Camera.

True Wireless IP Camera: WiFi router camera with mobile battery. No power cord needed.

Multi functions, not only video but audio.

There are many applications you can have. Welcome to input your application here and enjoy!