AsiaRF Wireless Geek Ground

produces WiFi devices with High Performance Far Range Mesh by fast throughput combined LWAN and IOT makes a smarter life.

Wireless Connection

Wireless complex applications
Internet of Things: LPWAN Weightless LoRa
WiFi VOIP Router
Satellite television broadcast by WiFi
Tour Guider by Rugged Reliability WiFi Router

AsiaR WiFi 11ax 11ac

WiFi 11ax 11ac
From 11b generation to 11ax 11ac
Experts dedicate in RF performance
Rugged Reliability Connection

AsiaRF LPWAN LoRa Weightless NB-IoT

LPWAN Low-Power Wide-Area Network LoRa WAN Weightless NB-IoT


Bluetooth BLE Zigbee MESH MESH network extend connections area

AsiaRF Robot Wireless Solution

Robot full wireless solution WiFi LTE BLE Zigbee LPWAN Complex applications matching

Who We Are

our Core Mission: Connect and enable people to communicate in a better and more efficient way with advanced technology Highly performance facility to make Rugged Reliability Products Continuing investment in training and equipment Good and warm relationship with customers and partners

Why We Are Different


Quality is What you most Care about, we Do Care as you do. ISO 9001 certificate and solid communications to reach the goal


Our basic believing: Qualifications of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. With trust to build strong relationship and go to glory.


Successful business is made by Innovation, executing the idea and make it become true. After Creativity, Innovation is the key to touch down the idea.


Electronic devices are with Radio Frequency always. Keep Safety is the principle of our believing. From design to finish manufacturing, all processes are keep green and safe.


Radio Frequency Experts

Qualified trained engineer with high end good performance network analyzer, spectrum analyzer, oscilloscope. Years experiences avoid mistakes, touch down in short time.

RF System Integration

Radio Transceiver with Power Amplifier, Low Noise Amplifier matching and adjustment, avoid field test fail rate. Well integration is the stable connection key.

Power System Design

Complicated Power System Design, EMI and EMC issues avoided in early design phase will save huge resources to get successes.

Environment Test

Electronic devices are with Radio Frequency always affected by environment. Keep burning and field test to get product stable and robust.

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