WiFi M.2 B key module 2242 2230 11ac 2x2 867 Mbps M27612-BU3
WiFi M.2 B key module 2242 2230 11ac 2×2 867 Mbps M27612-BU3

M27612-BU3 is a WiFi card with M.2 B key form factor 2242 2230 by MT7612U 11ac 2×2 867Mbps.

Compatible with NGFF M.2 B key to USB 2.0 / 3.0 adapters designed for 3G/4G WWAN

  • Tiny size 22x42mm or 22x30mm M.2 B key
  • Compatible with wireless IEEE 802.11 ac/an standard and 2×2 data rates up to 867Mbps
  • Operating system supports for: Windows, iOS, Andriod, Linux

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