Sim Card Extender M20 IP67 Waterproof for Cabinet Chassis Case Frame Envelope Outdoor


SIM Cards Extender M20 IP67 Waterproof Micro SIM to Nano SIM for Cabinet Chassis Case Frame Envelope Outdoor using.

Quantity Price
1 - 99 $10.50
100+ $8.50


Single SIM Card Extender M20 IP67 Waterproof for Cabinet Chassis Case Frame Envelope Outdoor.

Single SIM card Extender dimension IP67 Waterproof chassis is a key component applied in all LTE 5G NBIoT outdoor applications.

This single SIM card extender connector is combined with one waterproof connector and 1 SIM card extender.

  • IP67 Waterproof Connector M20 diameter 20mm

The connector is an IP67 waterproof case with a dimension diameter 20.5* length 36.1 mm, which can be put in 1 SIM card extenders to become a SIM CARD EXTENDER CABINET.
If you need a smaller diameter waterproof connector, we have a smaller one, diameter 16mm for you to order.

  • SIM Card Extender

There are 6 contact points on the SIM mock card, in general market, the SIM card extender only provides 5 contact points conducted, they ignore the VPP contact point. But we specially developed a tooling to provide 6 contact points conducted including VPP pad.

  • 2 types of real SIM slot for Nano / Micro SIM (Mini SIM excluded).
  • On the flexible PCB end side is Nano / Micro / Mini mock card.
  • 2 differences in length, 26.5 and 31.5 cm are available.
  • 24 models of SIM card extender are on the list for you to choose.
  • 6 contact points conducted for full operation.

Please choose the right product of what you need. And write down the Part Number below on the purchase order.

SIM Card Sizes

About mock card end (the end inserts into your board), please confirm the direction is forward or reverse.

Mock SIM Card Direction Forward Reversed

Now you can not only choose any kind of SIM card extender or waterproof chassis, but also pick up some of them including card extender and chassis to combine a whole chassis.

Welcome to Customization.

Part numberreal card sidemock card side / directiontotal lengthPCB dimension
ASBTW00010111103PCB-Micro SIMMini SIM-reversed265mm18*33mm
ASBTW00010111104PCB-Micro SIMMini SIM-forward265mm
ASBTW00010211103PCB-Micro SIMMicro SIM-reversed265mm
ASBTW00010211104PCB-Micro SIMMicro SIM-forward265mm
ASBTW00010311103PCB-Micro SIMNano SIM-reversed265mm
ASBTW00010311104PCB-Micro SIMNano SIM-forward265mm
ASBTW00010811103PCB-Nano SIMMini SIM-reversed265mm
ASBTW00010811104PCB-Nano SIMMini SIM-forward265mm
ASBTW00010711103PCB-Nano SIMMicro SIM-reversed265mm
ASBTW00010711104PCB-Nano SIMMicro SIM-forward265mm
ASBTW00010911103PCB-Nano SIMNano SIM-reversed265mm
ASBTW00010911104PCB-Nano SIMNano SIM-forward265mm
Part numberreal card sidemock card side / directiontotal lengthPCB dimension
ASBTW00010111101PCB-Micro SIMMini SIM-reversed315mm18*33mm
ASBTW00010111102PCB-Micro SIMMini SIM-forward315mm
ASBTW00010211101PCB-Micro SIMMicro SIM-reversed315mm
ASBTW00010211102PCB-Micro SIMMicro SIM-forward315mm
ASBTW00010311101PCB-Micro SIMNano SIM-reversed315mm
ASBTW00010311102PCB-Micro SIMNano SIM-forward315mm
ASBTW00010811101PCB-Nano SIMMini SIM-reversed315mm
ASBTW00010811102PCB-Nano SIMMini SIM-forward315mm
ASBTW00010711101PCB-Nano SIMMicro SIM-reversed315mm
ASBTW00010711102PCB-Nano SIMMicro SIM-forward315mm
ASBTW00010911101PCB-Nano SIMNano SIM-reversed315mm
ASBTW00010911102PCB-Nano SIMNano SIM-forward315mm

Additional information

Weight0.016 kg
SIM Card Slot Real Card Type

Nano SIM, Micro SIM

Mock Card Type / Broken Corner Direction

Mini SIM-reversed, Mini SIM-forward, Micro SIM-reversed, Micro SIM-forward, Nano SIM-reversed, Nano SIM-forward

Total length

265 mm, 315 mm

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