Helium Mine Outdoor Omni Antenna set


Helium Mine Outdoor Omni Antenna set

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AsiaRF Helium Mine outdoor super range antenna cover great area with all frequencies specification.


EU433 (433.05-434.79 MHz) and EU863-870 (863–870/873 MHz) in Europe
AU915-928/AS923-1 (915–928 MHz) in Australia
US902-928 (902–928 MHz) in North America
IN865-867 (865–867 MHz) in India
AU915-928/AS923-1 and EU433 Southeast Asia

When you order, please mark which area you stay and frequency you used.

This is included 3 meters pigtail cable.
SMA male + 3 Meters ( 12 foot) cable + N male
SMA and N is connector name.

Why do you need to order a set?
Signal loss will be ignored when you use our antenna system.

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